New Songs

Tommy and Bill have submitted a few songs for our picking pleasure.

Everybody ~ John Prine                                                                                                                  Stuff That Works ~ Guy Clark                                                                                                            16th Avenue ~ Lacy J. Dalton                                                                                                        Galway Girl ~ Steve Earle

The PDF for Grandpa was a Carpenter has also been updated.


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Holiday Season Stress Relief

The Holiday Season is upon us, and so is the stress it can bring.  Get back on track with the BVStrings Jam session.  Friday at 1:00 ~ 3:00 at the Artist Retreat Center.


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We Be Jammin’

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BVStrings Update

We are back to meeting every Friday at the Artist Retreat Center.  The master songbook is under revision and should be complete in about two weeks.

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On Hiatus

BVStrings is on hiatus till September.

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Grammy Winning Guitarist

It is not often that a Grammy Winning Artist shows up in Bella Vista, so don’t miss your chance for a great evening of entertainment and excellent finger food. Yes, you read that correctly there is always finger food and liquid refreshments that the Artist Retreat Center

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Giving Back

This weeks jam session will be at Concordia in the lunchroom for the nursing home area of the complex.

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Revised Songs

The Master Songbook has been revised.  It was basically a rewrite due to the number of corrections that needed to be made.  All of the songs on the Music page have been uploaded to agree with the Master Songbook.


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TablEdit Tablature Editor 

It seems I’m always looking for a way to get music in a usable format. With so many document formats I have to make sure what I receive is how they want it.   Often what I get and what I print have chords out of position. This program just might be the answer.

TablEdit Tablature Editor

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