Jan 19, 2022 Songbooks

Both the Electronic and Hardcopy zip files are now available.

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Dec 1st Song Revisions

Both the electronic and hardcopy have been uploaded to the Members Area, Music page.

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Current Music Zip

The most recent music has been added in the members area on the Music page.

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Underrated Blues Musicians

Ultimate Guitar has published an article about their view of the Seven Most Underrated Blues Musicians. There are videos for each musician.

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One as Many

This is one of the why did I not think of this moments. Check out this guitar Reddick

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Well This is cool

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Interesting Bracing

This article has some very interesting ideas for acoustic guitar. Acoustic Guitar Bracing Science by Portland Guitar.

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Soldier Songs & Voices Virtual Reveille

The Solider Songs & Voices Reveille a virtual Songwriting Retreat was an excellent experience with like minded musicians with backgrounds of shared experiences. The professional songwriters provided a wide range of incites to their process of song writing. Dustin Welch was my partner during a hour one on one session. Dustin inputs guided to completing a song that I’d had been working for a longtime. This workshop had a strong impact on how I view my guitar playing.

BV~Strings started at a time when there was a need to connect with other musicians. Bumping into a couple of guys with guitars at the Fayetteville AR, VA Hospital made a connection to Soldier Songs and Voices and this has changed my life.

Yes, That is Vince Gill. In the third row second from the right is Dustin Welch. I’m next to Vince with NWA as part of my name because I will be a Nomad of that chapter. SS&V NWA is my home chapter. While working on getting new chapters started in MA and FL Dustin like Traveling Ambassador. Fourth row from the top second from the right is Stephanie Hunt. She picked my name in the raffle for a new guitar. Excited to see what comes in the mail for my New Guitar Day.

A Life Was Wasted to YouTube I don’t sing very well.

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How to Play Fingerstyle

Time for me to give this go. How to Play Fingerstyle by Music Grotto is one of the better descriptions of the fingerstyle verse fingerpicking playing styles. Learning the chords and not songs sounds like an approach that will work for me. Better get busy with learning this style.

Circle of Strum and Fun
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Acoustic Guitar Maintenance Tips

Taking care of an instrument can be tricky these days with thousands of online experts telling you how to do it. There also seems to be an odd competition for contradicting each other procedures. Guitar.com regularly has good information that is usable for guitarists. I want to take care of my guitars and can perform minor repairs. Checkout their thoughts on guitar maintenance and upgrades.

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