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Jan 19, 2022 Songbooks

Both the Electronic and Hardcopy zip files are now available.

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Dec 1st Song Revisions

Both the electronic and hardcopy have been uploaded to the Members Area, Music page.

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Current Music Zip

The most recent music has been added in the members area on the Music page.

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Underrated Blues Musicians

Ultimate Guitar has published an article about their view of the Seven Most Underrated Blues Musicians. There are videos for each musician.

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One as Many

This is one of the why did I not think of this moments. Check out this guitar Reddick

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Well This is cool

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How to Play Fingerstyle

Time for me to give this go. How to Play Fingerstyle by Music Grotto is one of the better descriptions of the fingerstyle verse fingerpicking playing styles. Learning the chords and not songs sounds like an approach that will work for me. … Continue reading

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Beautiful Guitar

New guitar Michael Kelly Guitars Continue reading

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Styles of Printed Music

While the information in the article is useful there are a few things missing. The Nashville Number System is not addressed. Developed in the 1950s it is based on scale degree of chords. This allows one printing of a song … Continue reading

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Cool DIY Piezo Pickup

Very interesting DIY pickup project. Make your own piezoelectric pickup!

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