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Queen of the Bass

“ She’s played on over 10,000 songs and had a hand in some of rock history’s most celebrated hits. Meet Carol Kaye, one of the greatest bass players in the world” Continue reading

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Festival Change

Greetings to All,Keith needs to know who wants to play the festival Thursday and Friday or just Friday. Sat is supposed to rain so he is not really planning on that day. 

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Arcadian Wild & Sammy Lee Roller Concert

Next Monday, August 5th at 7:00pm,  Arcadian Wild, from Nashville, will be performing at the  Meteor Guitar Gallery in Bentonville. It’ll be great to see them live!  Also, Sammy Lee Roller, from Bella Vista, will be the leading off the show and Miles will … Continue reading

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On Hiatus

BVStrings is on hiatus till September.

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Revised Songs

The Master Songbook has been revised.  It was basically a rewrite due to the number of corrections that needed to be made.  All of the songs on the Music page have been uploaded to agree with the Master Songbook.  

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TablEdit Tablature Editor 

It seems I’m always looking for a way to get music in a usable format. With so many document formats I have to make sure what I receive is how they want it.   Often what I get and what … Continue reading

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The twelve core songs and master song book are be updated.  

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Cabin Fever

If you have a bit of cabin fever grab your stringed instrument and head for the Artist Retreat Center at 1:00 PM tomorrow and jam with BVStrings.

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