Volunteers: For this club to be successful there needs to be a small group of volunteers that manage to club.  If you are interested in filling one of these positions please email me at

President: As the club’s President, you will be planning, organizing, and carrying out responsibilities associated with your role as the club’s chief executive officer. Most members will help you succeed if the tasks and expectations are clearly defined, reasonable, and the members share appropriate interest and skill. You vote only in case of a tie.

Vice President:  As the club’s Vice President attend the club’s board of directors meetings. Make sure the club secretary mailed in the club monthly reports. Become thoroughly acquainted with the president’s duties so you can assist the president. Receive all materials and possible help from the past vice-president of your club

Secretary: As the club’s Secretary you will carry out or delegate all the administrative duties that enable the club and its members to function effectively. The club Secretary has an essential role within the club, with a close involvement in the general running of the club.

Treasurer: The club’s treasurer is important because the treasurer is in control of the club’s money, its collection, and disbursement. The treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate books that will enable him/her to give a full financial report whenever requested.

Membership Chairperson:  Reports on the status of membership and maintain the membership roster. The membership chair will enroll new members and collect annual dues from membership renewals and control membership cards. Sends out notices of our meetings/jams.  Will work with local publications to get information to the public about the club.

Music / Education Director: TBD

Webmaster: The Webmaster creates and manages the content of the club’s website, members pages, and email addresses.  The webmaster manages the club’s computer(s) and technical programming aspects of a website.  Works closely with board to keep website current.  Richard Clark