Hollow Body Guitar Designs

I have been fascinated for many years with the sound and tone of the three different designs for hollow-body guitars. This video from Reverb does an excellent job of detailing their unique tonal and construction differences. My search for a hollow body that sounds equally good while being played as an acoustic or electric continues. Check out Reverb’s video to understand the construction and tone.

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Beautiful Guitar

Talk about a beautiful guitar, Michael Kelly Guitars has added to the $500.00 range instrument. I never knew there were Ziricote or Ovangkol trees. The combination make a great looking guitar. Checkout the article about this beautiful instrument at MusicRadar.

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Love My Ibanez

Kathy bought me an Acoustic Ibanez R300 Ragtime model way back in 1993/94. Still have it and love it. She thought it would stop me from going into any music store that had guitars. I have always thought that Ibanez is underrated. The last three Epiphones I’ve owned have been ok. Maybe that’s why there have been three. Not once have I thought about trading or selling it. Ibanez was started by Spanish guitar builder Salvador Ibáñez, for sale in Japan in the late ‘20s. The correct pronunciation is \E bon yes\. This link will take you to the Ibanez History wiki. There is more to guitar life than Fender, Gibson, and Taylor. Ibanez has added a new artist to their brand Jack Gardiner.

Circle of Strum and Fun
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Styles of Printed Music

While the information in the article is useful there are a few things missing. The Nashville Number System is not addressed. Developed in the 1950s it is based on scale degree of chords. This allows one printing of a song that can be played in any key. Software such as GuitarPro with produce tab and staff notation. It will show the tabs with note length symbols. Making it easier to have the correct rhythm. Find Your Melody is primarily a piano site, but this information is really in the general music knowledge category. Hopefully something in Lead Sheets vs Chord Charts vs Sheet Music vs Tabs will make you think I did not know that.

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Cool DIY Piezo Pickup

Very interesting DIY pickup project. Make your own piezoelectric pickup!

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Audacity Updated

Audacity 3.0.0 is available. It is open source and free. This link will get you to the detail and download page Audacity 3.0.0

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Home Recording

While this article is from 2017 it still has valid information for you to start recording at home. Acoustic Guitar How to Record at Home on Any Budget.

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Recording Your Guitar

This article covers the microphone options. Guitar Recording FAQ

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That Memphis Sound

I enjoy the old Memphis sound and Crazy Tube Circuits plays it old-school has has a pedal to create that sound. Use this link to get more details Crazy Tube Circuits.

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Short History of the Guitar

Quick read on the History of the Acoustic Guitar

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